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Jersey Quotes by thelordofstorms
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just something really dumb by shiniez
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just something really dumb :iconshiniez:shiniez 1,570 219
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Home Sweet Home Ch. 1
Shepard's quarters were in near silence. The only thing that could be heard was the hum of the aquarium. The feeder dispensed food for the fish, and they swarmed around the particles, blissfully ignorant of the quarian sitting on the edge of the bed, looking down at a rectangular piece of metal.
Tali was staring at the plaque that was made only just a day after they had landed on this unidentified planet. Seeing the words “Commander Shepard” had made her cry, but at this point her tear ducts were dry. When the time came to put the plaque on the memorial wall, she couldn't bring herself to do it. Her mind told her that he's more than likely dead, but her heart told her that he must be alive, and in the end her heart always won out. She had tried to get her mind off of worrying about him by making repairs to the drive core with engineers Adams, Donnelly, and Daniels, but it only worked for so long: she barely had any motivation. She had not felt this way since Kaidan first to
:iconsilverechidna:SilverEchidna 9 4
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I have been watching Star Wars Rebels lately, while pondering possible avenues of development.  I am not going to sugar coat anything, but I am not going to hold back spoilers if anyone hasn't seen the show up to date. 

I have read a lot of speculation on the identity of 'Fulcrum', with a lot of people guessing the mysterious contact is in fact Ashoka Tano.  Does make a bit of sense, setting up for more connections to the Clone Wars.  I can see it.

Following that line of speculation, I would further guess that the Inquisitor has a boss between him and Vader and/or Sidious.  My money's on Bariss Offee as the High Inquisitor.  Her fate was up in the air at the end of the Clone Wars series, and she could easily have joined the Empire hunting Jedi as High Inquisitor, and while not a Sith, she would be able to train others as Dark Jedi.

Which leads me to the latest SW:R episode "Call to Arms".  In walks Grand Moff Tarkin, proving he is no slouch by laying down the law(and heads), setting successful traps, and generally drinking everyone's milkshake.  So we have Kanan in the hands of the Empire, and the intrepid heroes planning a rescue attempt to retrieve him.  Next ep premieres on the 23rd...

I would guess that Ashoka shows up to spring Kanan, curbstompts the Inquisitor, faces off against Tarkin once again, only to have Bariss show up.  Bariss and Ashoka duel, Ashoka gets critically injured and forced into carbonite to save her life.  She is hidden until she can heal as Bariss steps in as the bad guy pursuing the Rebels. 

Of course, speculation, but could be a way to have Ashoka show up in the new Star Wars films...also a way to bridge all of the series together with the movies.

Just the musing at 1am on a Wednesday....
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I am the lead modeler for a small production company in Mississippi and I also work as a cook in a local restaurant. I love both jobs because it fuels my creativity.

I also write, edit, make short films, read, collect odds and ends, play Mass Effect 1&2, create 3d models and animation, swordfight, and anything that deals with Star Wars


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